Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn't go to bed by Caryl Hart

Whiffy Wilson, the wolf who wouldn’t go to bed by Caryl Hart

Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn't go to bed by Caryl Hart
Whiffy Wilson the wolf who wouldn’t go to bed by Caryl Hart

today’s children storybook summary is

Whiffy Wilson, the wolf who wouldn’t go to bed

By Caryl Hart

Illustration by Leonie Lord

The takeaway:  Here is how to make bedtime more attractive for children that don’t want to go to sleep. This book is as much for grown ups as it is for kids.


Whiffy Wilson is a wolf cub who likes nothing more than to stay up all night playing with his toys, making a lot of noise and disturbing everybody’s peace and quiet time. He thinks that going to sleep in not only boring but a waste of time. He has cars to line up, brick structures to build, new tricks to learn and so on.

One night, his best friend Dotty, who lives next door, came by and asked him to be quiet. But Whiffy didn’t want to listen. Big boys like him never sleep, he told her. But Dotty didn’t give up. She told him that children need sleep, so their bodies can grow strong and healthy. Even if he doesn’t feel tired, she said, he needed to sleep.

With love and patience, Dotty showed him how bedtime can be the best time. She followed a series of routines to prepare the Wilson, the wolf, for bed. First, they cleaned up his room, racing to pick up toys. Second, they had a bedtime snack. Next, the wolf took a bath and played with the soap bubbles. Brushing teeth and putting on a cozy pajama was the next natural step. Last, Wilson found his teddy bear and snuggle together in bed. Dotty came too with some books. They read stories until their eyes closed.

The next morning, when the cub wolf woke up, after a long sleep full of wonderful dreams, he realized that he had a very good night and that was all due to his friend, Dotty. To show his gratitude, Wilson made her a breakfast and brought it over to her bed.

The end.

P.S. Because this book is written in rhymes, it makes a very good bedtime reading.


Whiffy Wilson, a grey cub wolf who wouldn’t go to bed; Dotty, a girl with short brown hair, Wilson’s best friend.


The illustrator of this book, Leonie Lord, has chosen to draw the characters with bold strokes and strong colors. The illustration seems to be done using colored pencils, in simple but clear line. Through the whole book there is a very fine balance between the amount of drawing and the text, which makes it easier for the little kids to follow the story.

Recommended Age: 3 to 5 years old

Reading Time :5 minutes

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