Where is Rusty? by Sieb Posthuma

Where is Rusty by Sieb Posthuma
Where is Rusty? by Sieb Posthuma

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Where is Rusty?

by Sieb Posthuma

Storyline: Rusty, a white dog with black ears, goes shopping with his mom and two other dog friends at a department store. The place is big and busy. As they enter the store, distracted by an appetizing smell, Rusty wonders away and gets lost, in spite of his mother’s warnings and advise to stay together. Just as he finds out his all by himself, two watchdogs nearby are searching for stray dogs to put them in the pound. Frightened, Rusty runs away through the ventilation pipes until he reaches the basement where he hides in a box. While his mother, in tears, listens to the Lost Dog announcement through the store, an employee brings the box on the floor. Not hearing the Lost Dog announcement, Rusty hides again among the merchandise. But people are looking for him and someone spots some furry legs coming out of a floor lamp. Shortly, he is reunited with his mother and his friends. And the moral: stay together or else…

Characters: Rusty, mother, Henrietta, Toby, lady behind the counter, watchdogs

Illustration: Sieb Posthuma is also the illustrator of this book. Al the characters are dogs, depicted in human situation where they work in the store, take the bus, curl their fur or just go basic shopping. The drawings are pretty detailed and the page is full, with no white spaces. But just a warning: from the very first page you have to pay attention to the main characters’ look so you can find them among all the dogs in the story.

Age: n/a

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