We Lift-Off by Sean Taylor

We Have Lift-Off by Sean Taylor

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We Have Lift-Off

By Sean Taylor

Illustration by Hannah Shaw

Storyline:  Chicken is looking at a wall where few framed pictures hang and is telling us the story about the time he used to live on a farm. It was an “old dump” says chicken. The farmer, Mr. Tanner, was a waist making machine. He littered the nature and didn’t care about anything else then himself and how to make his house bigger. Here is what he did, according with the bird: poisoned the air with smoke from burning trash, through junk in the river, cut down all the trees, and crammed the animals into a very small barn. Because the situation was getting out of control, the animals held a meeting in a secret location and decided to leave the farm and go to the “clear, clean, stars”. The animals were sick of sharing the planet with people who were “messing things up”.

Upon building an intergalactic spaceship, the animals decided to test the flight. Chicken was chosen first. With a space helmet, moonboots, a map and cornflakes supply, he was instructed to go inside, press the Start button, and navigate to the stars, and never press Emergency Abandon Mission button unless in case of emergency. He blasted-off and everything was ok until he realized he was navigating with the map up-side down and the rocket was heading back and soon crushed into Mr. Tanner’s farm. Another animal was chosen for the test, a rabbit and he blasted-off. But far up in the ski the rabbit got his head stuck in box of carrots, lost control of the ship and crushed back on the farm. The third animal, a sheep, took control and blasted-off. But soon the sheep fell asleep and hit the emergency button and the rocket, once more, came back crushing.

This time though, Mr. Tanner came by to check on the noise and he saw the rocket in the barn. He laughed and thought it was funny, got closer to look inside and hit the start button and the ship blasted-off one more time and never came back. And so, Mr. Tanner reached the clear, clean stars and the animals moved on his big house on the hill. News being spread about the farmer’s faith, animals around the world were sending people like him to the stars.

Characters: Mr. Tanner, chicken, sheep, rabbit, cow, pig,

Illustration: Hannah Shaw is the illustrator of this book. With cartoon like drawings, her characters are coming alive along the storyline, a page at a time. The color she uses are strong, bold and appealing. The illustration, which are very rich in details, fills the page, with the text added in the not so full spaces.

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Keywords:  storybook, spaceship, blast-off, blast, farm, stars, junk, ecology, sheep, chicken, farmer, Sean Taylor, Hannah Shaw

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