Tuesday by David Wiesner

Tuesday by David Wiesner
Tuesday by David Wiesner book cover

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by David Wiesner

Storyline: This is a strange story that has only eight words. It is about some unexplained events that happened on a Tuesday night about eight o’clock. The story is told on pictures. I will try to word it out.
One Tuesday night about eight o’clock, a turtle resting on a log sees a flock of flying frogs on lily pads. The flock keeps growing. They pass over the lake, then over the field and into the town. At 11:21PM a resident, sitting at his kitchen table and eating a sandwich sees the frogs flying by his window. The frogs even get into a house, through an open window, I imagine, and watch TV while the old lady in the room is deep asleep in her chair. Some frogs get chased by a dog only to turn around to chase the dog themselves. And so the night goes. But the morning is near and at the down the lily pads are falling and so the frogs. While the “raining” frogs hop all the way to the lake, the lily pads lay on the streets. Puzzled neighbors come out in their night gowns watching police and detectives investigate the phenomena. The guy that was eating his sandwich is interviewed by a TV station. It seems that nobody has any answers. But next Tuesday, at 7.58, a shadow runs against a barn…it’s a flying pig.

Characters: flying frogs, turtle, man eating sandwich, old lady, dog, detective, pig

Illustration: David Wiesner is also the illustrator of this book. As a matter of fact, the story is told on pictures and the author had made it very easy to fallow it. The figures are realistic and bold. The depiction of the town is almost movie like. The color is deep and true. I have to point out the way he illustrated the sky on different time of night and day: evening, deep night, morning, a moonlight…very true.

Winner of the Caldecott Medal in 1992

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