The Treasure Hunter by William Boniface

The Treasure Hunter by William Boniface
The Treasure Hunter by William Boniface

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The Treasure Hunter

By William Boniface

Illustration by Jim Harris

Storyline: This is the story of a day dreamer bear that dares to imagine himself in the most exotic places, gathering treasures from all over the world. While he is resting against a hay stack, with his friend, mouse, at his side and a bottle of milk, surrounded by friendly farm animals, he recalls all the places he had traveled in search of precious treasures and unmatched adventures.

First he went under the sea in a submarine and fetched the gems treasure of a mermaid queen, though he is reminded that mermaids aren’t true. Through the Everglades he looks for the fountain of Youth, even if he knows he is just a kid with big aspiration; and next he blows the silver lining of a cloud just to prove everyone right. More, he digs in a mummy’s pyramid and finds that the mummy had gone to lunch. Up next he fights for the stolen nuggets playing cards, or seize a hidden chest from the pirates, or a treasure trove from Ali Baba’s thieves. His imagination takes him up in the sky or low beneath the sea or even in a volcano. He has an ingenious array of flying machines, from sea ships to space crafts which he pilots to so many amazing places gathering even more amazing treasures. He doesn’t care if one may tells him that nothing is true or that he is too small to do certain things. Because he knows that if he can imagine it, then it is true for him. But all this richness he finds he doesn’t keep for himself because he has a bigger mission. Rather he shares it with the ones in need. Here is how the author wisely put it:

“I spread my riches far and wide
To everyone in need.
For shearing all the things you find
Is the Treasure Hunter’s creed!”

Also, the author chose to tell the story in rhymes which ads an element of legend or ballad to it. At the end though, there is a page where you can find a historical short description of the places that are mentioned in the book. More even, the book itself, – that is the physical object, has a cut on it, like a handle, suggesting that the book is a treasure on its own and a child could carry it wherever they go.

Characters: the Treasure Hunter, bear, mouse, mermaid, mummy, Ali Baba,

Illustration: Jim Harris is the illustrator of this book. His pictures are filling up the whole opposite pages, with the verses tucked at the bottom. He has realistic illustration with full details of the story and even more, nicely complementing the text. His choice of color enriches the story as soft earthy tones on some pages contrast with deep dark ones on other ones, following the settings of the story. Overall there is a wealthy of visual experience in this book.

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