The Almost Fearless Hamilton SquidLegger by Timothy Basil Ering

The Almost Fearless Hamilton SquidLegger by Timothy Basil Eringtoday’s children storybook summary is

The Almost Fearless Hamilton SquidLegger

By Timothy Basil Ering

Storyline: This is a story for kids that cannot sleep in their own bed…

By day, Hamilton SquidLegger, a creature of the swamp and forest, is a “do-er and a dream-come-truer.” But by night, when the sun disappears behind the “scrintelberry trees” and is time to go to bed, Hamilton gets scared. Because each noise in the swamp …… can be a “frackensnapper”, a “skelegracon” or a “cracklesneed”. And he can’t help but run to his parents’ mud bedroom squeezing himself between mom and dad. Night after night Hamilton hides away because he is scared, which makes him “almost fearless”. But his father was planning to make Hamilton brave. One day he made Hamilton’s preferred cake: the “double-decker grasshopper worm-cake, with snake-belly frosting.” To have it, Hamilton had to sleep in his own bedroom. When the night came, and the noises of the swamp returned, Hamilton got scared again. To keep himself from running to his parents, he imagined the delicious cake waiting for him in the morning. As the imaginary monsters would come to his mind, Hamilton would chase them away by thinking of the breakfast feast he would have. He fought all night with his nightmares but in the end he conquered his fear. When morning came, he was a true fearless squidlegger.

P.S. I almost didn’t want to make a summary for this book because some of the “original” words the author chose to name things. But I realized I would probably won’t come across it another time as I do not intend to read it again (and not because my grandchild has good sleeping habits.)

Characters: Hamilton SquidLegger

Illustration: Timothy Basil Ering is also the illustrator of this book. His depiction of these swamp creatures are most unique. They are also a little grotesque, by grown-up’s standards, which is why a kid may find them entertaining. Shades of blue, pink and purple color the pages full of illustration of squidleggers and other fantastic creatures. Some of them resembles birds, insects and reptiles, frogs as well but I am unable to tell for sure. Ering is the also the illustrator of Newbery Medal winner “The Tale of Despereaux”.

Age: n/a

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