Rescued by Love by Lindsay Jouet

Rescued by Love by Lindsay Jouet
Rescued by Love by Lindsay Jouet

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Rescued by Love

By Lindsay Jouet

Storyline: What do you do when your dog is home alone? You can try a toy, a bone, a sleeping pill (just kidding), your old shoes, the kennel, or anything else that may come to your mind. But if nothing works, then turn to this book. It says that if your dog gets lonely then it’s time to find him a friend.

Chili is a dog, like all dogs out there. He has black fur with white eyebrows, white beard, and white socks. He is very cute. And he is also a happy dog, except for the time his owners go to school. Then he gets very sad. For this reason, his owners decided to find him a pal. They went to a shelter and brought home another dog.  Brown, with a black coat over his back and a white star on his chest, they named him Chex.

It may have bother Chili that there was another dog in the house to compete for the love and attention of the owners but eventually, they not only got used to each other but became very good friends.

And they lived happily ever after…

At the end of the book there is a very touchy poem written for Chex that.

Characters: Chili and Chex

Illustration: This book was illustrated by turning photos into drawings, through a software application. The sketches are covering the whole page with text on the lower or upper side. It mainly shows the two dogs, in different settings (the dogs are very cute). At the end, there are photographs of dogs and their owner, a girl about 7 years old. Catherine Jouet is the artist that had contributed to the illustration of this book.

Recommended Age: 3-5

Reading Time: under 3 minutes

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