Paddington by Michael Bond

Paddington by Michael Bond
Paddington by Michael Bond

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By Michael Bond

Illustration by R.W. Alley

Storyline: Judy was just about to arrive in town and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brown were waiting for her on the Paddington railway station.

As the waited, they saw a bear by the Left Luggage office. He was very small, was sitting on a leather suitcase and had a tag attached that said “Please, look after this bear”. The couple struck a conversation with the little bear and they found out that he is from the “Darkest Peru and a…stowaway” and that he was happy to be taken home by the Brown family.

They named him Paddington, after the station he was found on. The bear was very polite and kind (the English version of it), even when he fell into the tart and spilled the tea at the snack bar. He was also innocent and genuine, even with people that seem mean, like the taxi driver that brought them home.

Judy Brown and her brother, Jonathan, loved him at first sight. Even Mrs. Bird, the old housekeeper who was fierce, at times, received him very well, noticing his good manners. Short after arriving home, Paddington was sent up to take a bath to wash the food stains off he’s fur. Then, he was offered a comfortable armchair, a cup of tea and a plate of hot toast with butter and marmalade. Politely, everybody gathers around eager to listen to his stories. And so, he begins to tell about his upbringing in Darkest Peru by his aunt Lucy. Paddington closes his eyes “thoughtfully”, and while everybody was waiting, he falls asleep.  The end.

But don’t despair… this is not the real end. His stories have been told in over 20 books. A way to go. This summary reviews a shorter version of the book, rewritten for a younger audience.

Characters: Paddington, a bear from Peru; Mr. Brawn, a thoughtful Londoner, Mrs. Brown, a kind wife, Judy and Jonathan, the Brown kids, Mrs. Bird, a strict housekeeper; an unfriendly taxi driver.

Illustration: This version of the book (and over twenty sequels) was illustrated by R.W. Alley. First, I noticed the colors, how vivid and lovely they are. Especially Paddington’s red hat and his blue coat. Then, there is a nice symbiosis between the text and the illustration, none of them overcoming the other. And last, but not least, you can “read” the faces of the characters very well and, with no words, understand what’s going on.

Recommended Age: 3-5

Reading Time: over 10 minutes

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