Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll

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Meg and Mog

By Helen Nicoll

Illustration by Jan Pienkowski

Theme: Halloween


Meg, the witch, was deep asleep when her personal alarm clock, a snowy owl, hooted three times and woke her up. It was midnight but Meg got up and got dressed. It was Halloween night and she was going to a spell party. She cooked a meal and ate. Before leaving the house, with her cat Mog, on the broom, she got her cauldron and a spider that she needed it for the spell.

The night was dark, but she could still see her friends: the witches Bess, Jess, Tess and Cress.

On a hill, under the moonlight, they made a fire and set up the cauldron. They used a beetle, a frog, a worm, a bat and a spider to boil a concoction for the spell. They stirred the pot and chanted the spell, but something went wrong and loud noise went off with a flash. And all of the sudden, Bess, Jess, Tess and Cress transformed into mice.

Meg chase them away and thought to herself that she may change them back to witches next Halloween.

Characters:Meg, the witch; Mog, the cat, an owl, some other witches.


Hidden in a Halloween story, there is a lesson of shapes and colors for the little kids. The illustrator uses firm lines to draw characters and objects that are easy to follow and spot. There are stars and squares and semicircles, and other random shapes. The colors are bold and Halloween-like: orange, black, green, blue. The big text is strategically placed on the page so that the reader follows the images. Overall, a good book for Halloween reading.

Recommended Age: 3 to 5

Reading Time: under 2 min

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