Maya and the Town that Loved a Tree by Kiki and Kathryn Shaw

Maya and the Town that Loved a Tree By Kiki and Kathryn Shaw

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Maya and the Town that Loved a Tree

By Kiki and Kathryn Shaw

Illustrated by Kiki


Theme: Nature, Environment, Clean Air

Before everybody was speaking about climate change, this book was warning the young readers that we can impact our environment in such way that can destroy the beautiful things in the nature and change our lives for the worst. But we can always try to repair our mistakes, if is not too late.

Things to Learn: Explain how cars and factories can make our air dirty and how the trees need clean air to survive.

Plot: People transform their surroundings by not taking care of the nature until it is too late, and nothing can reverse the course, nothing but a little girl named Maya and her healthy, strong tree. But only if they could do one thing: clean up the city.


Once upon a time, there was a little town where people were very happy. There were trees, green grass and flowers, birds chirping, blue skies and colorful houses. People were smiling and waving at each other and they seemed to be so content that the word about this marvelous little town spread far. Because of that, other people came to live there, and the town grew and grew until it became a big city.

People built factories and bought cars to drive to work. They were so busy that they did not notice the dying trees all around. The grass of the parks was now gone as well as all the birds. People themselves changed and became dull and grey. They realized they have a problem that can only be solved by bringing back the nature, the trees. But it did not matter what they did, the trees did not survive.

One day, a girl appeared in a busy intersection. She stood by a strong healthy tree. The traffic stopped and people gathered around with hope in their eyes. The girl said her name was Maya and she had come to share her tree with them. To make her stay, they promised her to clean up their city. And so, they did. They clean the factories, they recycled, they walked and took the bus. In this time, Maya’s tree was thriving. It had fruits, flowers, bright colors, and many birds. But the tree became so large that people started to worry. Then Maya told them they can take the seeds of the tree and plant many more. And the tree would stop growing. Soon, there were many trees in that city and the people were happy again. And from then on, the people kept their city clean.

Characters: Maya, a girl who came from nowhere, the keeper of the healthy strong tree; The Tree that keeps growing

Illustration: This book is illustrated by Kiki Suarez, a European artist living in Mexico. Her artwork is inspired by Mexican themes and patterns. The colors, bright and vigorous, follows realistic contours, with child-like drawings. The illustration occupies a whole page, without any empty space, while on the opposite side, you can read the text boxed in a colorful frame. I found that this is one of my favorite children book format, when the text is on the left and the illustration on the right side, as you open the book.

Recommended Age: 5 – 8 years old

Reading Time: 10 minutes


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