Louis I King of the Sheep by Olivier Tallec

louis I king of the sheep
Louis I King of the Sheep by Olivier Tallec

today’s children storybook is

Louis I King of the Sheep

by Olivier Tallec


Storyline: On one windy day, Louis the Sheep found a blue crown which he put it on his head and became Louis I, King of the Sheep. From now on, Louis thinks about what a king should have and do.

He is imagining, quite accurately for a sheep, a scepter made from a branch, a throne in a tree, then a speech in front of a sheep crowd, hunting lions for pleasure, strolling through royal gardens, having a parade of sheep for his enjoyment and a palace with artists and ambassadors, and so on. Then he thinks that any sheep that is different than he is should be driven out. But as he’s dreaming, another wind came and knocked off the crown from Louis’ head. And so, Louis I, the King of the sheep, became once more Louis the sheep.
P.S. This story seems to me like a little history lesson that left out the most terrible events.

Characters: Louis the Sheep, sheep

Illustration: Olivier Tallec, a French children author, is the writer and the illustrator of this book. The illustration follows the storyline. Pictures are filling the pages, drawings are detailed, object of importance, like the crown and the king’s jacket, are emphasized by their stand-out color. There’s also simplicity and clarity about this book’s illustration that makes it easy to follow.

Noteworthy is that the text on this book, as well as the text on the dust jacket is handwritten by Ohara Hale.

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