Little Ree by Ree Drummond

Little Ree by Ree Drummond
Little Ree by Ree Drummond

today’s children storybook summary is

Little Ree

By Ree Drummond

Illustrated by Jaqueline Rogers

Storyline: Little Ree is about seven or eight years old when she moves to her grandparents’ ranch to be a country girl. She brings with all her toys, her pets, the brother and the parents. And of course, all her excitement. But she’s not sure if this life is for her. At first, she notices the differences between her hometown and the country side and she is afraid she’ll be missing the parks, the pool and the ice-cream shop and, of course, her friends. But soon she discovers that she lives in a park (the farm) and she has her own pool (the pond). When she sets up her room, she is sad to discover a simple “brown” bed and misses her white “fluffy” one. But she manages to embellish it with toys and Christmas lights and other small decorations.

In the morning, Little Ree learns the meaning of waking up “at the crack of the down”. But instead of throwing a fit for being awaken up so early, she gets up and helps her grandparents with the cattle. She is given a horse of her own to ride which she names it Pepper and which proves to be always hungry as she proves inexperienced. At this point she is still wondering if this life is fit for her.

Later in the afternoon there is a party at the ranch. She finds the perfect yellow dress and the perfect yellow shoes for the occasion and hopes that her cousins will like her. Once everybody arrives, she notices that she had put on the wrong clothes since her cousins were wearing jeans, checkered shirts and cowboy boots. But despite her choice of clothing, her cousins like her and they all play together. At the end of the day, she concluds that the “country girl thing might work out after all”.

The story was inspired by real life events. Ree Drummond, also known as the “Pioneer Woman” had made the transition from a city to a ranch as an adult, in the process building an award-winning blog, a cooking show and few cooking books, plus a handful of children books.

Characters: Little Ree, a girl with reddish hair and big enthusiasm, Pepper, an always hungry horse, Grandma and Grandpa.

Illustration: Jacqueline Rogers is the illustrator of this book. She does a wonderful job at depicting life in the country, with a great looking palette and soft touches. She builds up a vivid world with pastel colors, rich details and wonderful characters that come to life in the pages of the book. It is uplifting to see Little Ree’s happy face after she had solved a problem or watch a mischievous white horse stealing pancakes through an open window in the kitchen.

Recommended Age: n/a 5-8

Reading Time: 7 minutes

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