Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer
Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer

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Imaginary Fred

by Eoin Colfer

Illustration by Oliver Jeffers

Storyline : This is a story about an imaginary friend.
It’s no fun to be alone, says the author at the beginning of the book.

And that is exactly what Fred is thinking, floating in the wind and waiting for someone to wish for an imaginary friend. Because Fred is an imaginary friend and when the conditions are right he comes out of the sky to meet his new pal. But most of the time the friendship only lasts for few days. And no matter what Fred may do to please, his new friend always ends up finding a real friend and forget about his imaginary one. Then Fred would lose his consistency until he would get swept by the wind back on the sky.

One day though, Fred was wished by a boy named Sam. Fred and Sam became fast very good friends. They had so much in common: they both like reading, listing to music, drawing. So, it seems that their friendship would last forever. Fred was happy. But one day Sam meet a girl named Sammy and he spent a lot of time with her. Fred was heartbroken. He was afraid that Sam would forget about him. But it turned out that Sammy had an imaginary friend as well, a girl called Frieda. While Sam and Sammy drew cartoons together Fred and Frieda played music together. And they even played on stage much to the confusion of the audience. They were so close that they became real to each other, because as the author let us know at the end of the book, friendship is for real.

Age 4 to 8

Characters: Fred, Sam, Sammy, Frieda, random kid,

Illustration: The book is illustrated by Oliver Jeffers mainly in black and white. The only exception are the two imaginary friends, Fred is blue and Frieda is yellow. Drawing are schematics, few lines and few curls. The people are caricature like. The takeaway from this funny illustration is that the real world is black and white while imaginary one is colored.

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