I am Peace by Susan Verde


I Am Peace by Susan Verde
I Am Peace by Susan Verde

today’s children storybook summary is

I Am Peace

By Susan Verde

Art by Peter H. Reynolds

The takeaway

Mindfulness exercises can help children manage their feeling, relax and get rid of anxiety.


If you want to teach your kids mindfulness, this book is for you. But honestly, anybody who’s mind wonders when it should concentrate, who is anxious, when they should be content, or who lost their way when there should be a path, can read, understand and find a meaning in this book.

There is no storyline because this is not a storybook, it is a nonfiction book. It would be easier for me to say what it is not then what it is. It is not a self-help book, not a guide, and does not have an informative content. Rather, this is a book with nice pictures and a text that attempts to explain meditation and mindfulness so that little kids can understand.

The wording is simple and direct, giving easy explanation and some instructions and what to expect if you practice this type of relaxation.

The character shares their experience and feelings, and what to do about it. So, if they feel their thoughts like “rushing water” and “feel like a boat with no anchor”, then they give themselves a moment, take a break and say, “it’s all right”. It is the beginning of “here” and “now” which is the base for mindfulness meditation.

In this state of being, the character can connect with their surroundings in deeper ways and feel part of it. The boat is finally anchored, the worries are gone, and the character feels peace.

The book is just laying the foundation for teaching mindfulness to little kids. The author is also known for the book “I Am Yoga”.


A child, without gender specific characteristics (hence the term “they” that I used), with a colorful hat and bright cloths.


Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of this book. His style is simple and quite adequate for the text. His strokes are clear, and his colors are bright and happy. He does not clog the page, instead he keeps the details at minimum, using only the ones that are necessary and/or support the theme. For example, the child wears a necklace with the peace symbol, there are trees, birds, and blue skies, and there is nothing dramatic happening. The art emanates peace and balance.

Recommended Age

3 to 103

Reading Time

3 minutes

Things to Learn

Mindfulness is a meditation exercise that focuses the attention on breathing, with the purpose of letting go of thoughts and just “be” in the present.

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