Hug Me, Please! by Przemyslaw Wechterowicz

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Hug Me, Please!

By Przemyslaw Wechterowicz

Illustrated by Emilia Dziubak

Theme: Shared love, kindness towards others;

Plot: Father and son bear go on hugging the animals in the forest.

Moral: Love and kindness brings people together.


It was a new day in the forest with all the animals doing their usual stuff. Early morning, father and the son bear decided to go for a walk in the woods, with the purpose to have some honey. Honey was sweet but short, so they found themselves with a whole day ahead. What to do?

The little bear had an idea: stop by Mr. Beaver and give him a hug. They went to the beaver’s place and found him working. They gave him a hug to brighten his day.

That was all nice and snug but Little Bear wasn’t ready to go home yet. He tugged at Daddy Bear’s fur and ask if they could hug someone else.

They went on hugging all the animals in the forest: Miss Weasel, the fox; the Hare eating carrots, the Big Bad Wolf looking for the girl in a red hood; Old Mr. Elk; Anaconda, the snake; even tiny Mrs. Caterpillar, and the Hunter hiding in the bushes. They hugged everybody: the badger, the birds, racoon, deer and every being they met.

They were so busy hugging and sharing kindness to everybody that they forgot one very important thing, as Little Bear noticed: to hugged each other. In the end, that was the best of the hugs.

Characters: Daddy Bear, Little Bear


Even if you don’t read the words, you’ll still get the story of this book. The illustrator, Emilia Dziubak, has filled up the page with huge, clear, realistic drawing of the animals in the forest and the forest itself. The colors used to recreate the settings, heavy shades of green, brown, suggest a shady, dense woods where the sun only shines through the breaks in the tree canopy. The animals have friendly features and recognizable traits.

Recommended Age: 3-7

Reading Time 6 minutes

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