How To Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan

How To Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan
How To Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan

today’s children storybook summary is

How to Get Your Teacher Ready

By Jean Regan

Illustrated by Lee Wildish

The takeaway

Read this book to kindergarten kids or first and second grader to get them motivated to work with other towards a common goal, to teach them good behavior, and give them inspiration to be helpful in the classroom and listen to the teacher.


It’s the beginning of a new school year. Children are excited and anxious to start their adventure. But is the teacher ready too? Well, if she’s not, they have a plan: a bullet list well organized that covers the entire school year, all the major events, and all the daily little but important thing any teacher may want to know and do.

In this “How to…” guide for kindergartners and early elementary kids you’ll find direction ranging from how to welcome the teacher on the first day of school to how to say good-bye to her on the last day.

The book, written from the children’s point of view, has a lot of funny comments and unexpected insights: making sure she isn’t eating messy snacks on picture day or what to do if she gets nervous at the holiday concert.

At school, there are good days and bad days, the children say. If the class pet escapes, or the planets fell on the principal’s head, or the rain ruins your plans for the day, you quickly hand your teacher her favorite storybook. At the end of the day, make sure you tell her that tomorrow you’ll all be ready for a new day, a better one.

Also, there is the how to teach her everything you know. From math to biology, make sure you amaze her with the wonderful things you know.

The preparation for the field trip is also very important. Does her whistle work? Does she have her water, or her hat, or sunscreen? Can she tie her shoe? If yes, then she’s ready.

During the school year, there’s other events in a life of a young student. This “How to” book covers them all. Celebrating the teacher, or the mark of 100 days of school, the picture day, the music concert, all the way to the last day of school.

The final chapter is dedicated to saying good-bye to your teacher on her last day. Then, extra preparation is needed. There will be a big card where you will show all the things you’ve learn. Then you make sure to give her a huge whole-class hug and an enormous smile. After all these things are completed, both, children and teacher, will be ready for a new school year. She will never forget the class that had taught her so much and she’ll always remember you.


The teacher, a young person, with brown hair, dressed in a red polka dot shirt, stripped red skirt and red patterned leggings, wearing yellow tennis shoes; kids, of multi ethnic origin, dressed in bright colored clothes, all happy and enthusiastic.


Lee Wildih is the illustrator of this book. The artist does a great job in making his depiction child-friendly. There are vivid colors, meant to alleviate the spirit (red, yellow, bright shades green and deep shades of blue). On drawing the characters, he emphasizes the heads (disproportionately bigger then the rest of the body) where our eyes are instantly drawn and where we see happy looks. Overall, he is depicting the average school day, with great imagination and excitement, in situations that any child will recognize as one of their own school day.

Recommended Age

5 to 8

Reading Time

5 minutes

Things to Learn

What is a “how to” book and how to make one – Jean Reagan and Lee Wildish have written and illustrated a series of best seller storybooks, among the most known are “How to babysit a grandpa” and “How to babysit a grandma”.

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