Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin
Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin

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Dragons Love Taco

By Adam Rubin

Illustration by Daniel Salmieri

Storyline: This is the most nonsensical book I ever read. But the book made it into The New York Time Bestseller’s list and stood there for a long time. Here is how it goes:

One day, the Dog tells the Boy, apparently out of nowhere, that dragons love tacos. At this point, the two of them are in the Boy’s room where you can see that the only toys are dragon toys. Then nothing happens for about seven pages. The Boy is told that dragons don’t love spicy salsa. They love tacos, they love parties but no spicy tacos or spicy salsa. The Boy is advised to bury the hot salsa in the backyard before he invites the dragons for a party. And we see that he does just that. But as the dragons arrive the dog and the boy discover that they didn’t read the fine print on one can of salsa. It says that it has spicy jalapeno peppers. But now is too late. The dragons are already eating it. You cannot imagine the disaster that followed. Because they ate spicy salsa, every single dragon was blowing huge flames all over the room and, before long, the whole house burned to ashes, and all you could see were few walls still standing surrounding the dragons and the boy. A total catastrophe. But, all is not lost. The dragons, in spite of the maltreatment, help the boy rebuild his house. Even so, on the back cover we are reminded that “the way to a dragon’s heart is always through his stomach”.

So, in the last two pages, things are starting to make sense. OK, I say this book is about paying attention to details before something terrible happens. This story is a great way to explain your kid why they should be careful when they let dragons eat salsa. Somebody may be allergic to jalapeno pepper!

Characters: The Boy, the Dog, Dragons

Illustration: Clean lines and mild colors, along with caricature drawing style makes the illustration easy to follow and understand. The big, bold faces are distinct and often time surprising. The characters have huge faces and bodies, small and skinny limbs, bulbous eyes, sometimes bulging out of the drawing, other times the eyes aren’t even attached to their faces. Tacos are pouring out of every page, making me want to have one right now. Artwork was made with watercolor gouache and colored pencil.

Overall, a nice illustrated story that covers the page completely and complements the text so that we understand better what the author wanted us to know.

Age: n/a

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