Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall

Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall
Dog vs. Cat by Chris Gall

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Dog vs. Cat

By Chris Gall

Storyline: A teaching tool with a very funny touch, this is a story about a dog and a cat trying to live in peace despite the differences between them. A good read for parents, too.

The Button family decides to have pets. One day they go shopping and Mrs. Button buys a smart looking black cat while Mr. Button comes home with a friendly dog. The Buttons have only one room which is given to the Cat and Dog to share. At first they get along very well, each of them trying hard  not to pay attention to the other’s annoying habits. But soon they cannot control themselves anymore and decide to mark their own territory. They drew complicated marks on the floor to delimitete each other’s space, but it wasn’t enough. They start playing pranks and tricks on each other and even destroyed some if Mrs. Button pillows, hopping that one of them would give up and leave. But it didn’t happen so they agreed to build a wall between their side of the room. When that was done, the room became very quiet. Very, very quiet. Somehow, neither Dog, nor Cat liked it. They couldn’t help but remember the good old times they spent together. But just short after they made peace,trying to live together after all, they heard big, frightening noises coming from outside the room. They were scared and they suspected that maybe another pet would be quartered in their room. Whatever it was, they hopped not to be a porcupine or an elephant.

They barricaded themselves inside. When the Button’s opened the door (which opened on the hallway) they saw a crib with a baby on it rolling into their room. Out of their control, for the next days they had to share the space with this new creature that made constant noise(crying) and periodically stunk (didn’t use the litter box).

Cat and Dog had enough. They took their stuff and moved outside, in the backyard where Cat designed their neighboring houses and Dog built them. They lived happily ever after, laying in the sun with a glass a lemonade, throwing ironies at each other.

This book first appeared in 2014. Chris Gall is the author of other books like Awesome Dawson, Revenge of the Dinotrux, and There’s Nothing to Do on Mars.

Characters: Dog, Cat, Mrs. Button, Mr. Button, baby

Illustration: Chris Gall is also the illustrator of this book. His pictures are big and clear and the story line zips with the illustration very well. The characters have a very strong personality, especially the cat. The drawings fill up the pages, with the text either under or above the, with the additional one-word dialog and onomatopoeia included in the illustration. At the end of the book, the author and illustrator says that “the artwork (…) was created using colored pencil” and a drawing tablet.

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