Crow Call by Lois Lowry

Call Crow by Lois Lowry
Call Crow by Lois Lowry

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Crow Call

By Lois Lowry

Illustration Bagram Ibatoulline

Storyline: It is an early November morning and Liz and her dad have gone hunting. Liz is a little shy and doesn’t know her dad very well. Her father had just returned home after being out to war. They will be hunting crows and Liz’s father gave her a crow call gadget to call the birds but she doesn’t think she’ll be up to the job. He assures her that she’ll do just fine, especially because the shirt that his daughter was wearing that day.

That particular shirt, a rainbow plaid, adult size hunting garment, was a gift that Liz got from her father. It was hanging on the back of the Kronenberg’s store and every time she was in town, she never missed a chance to look through the store’s window to see if the special shirt was still there. Finally, one morning, despite the size, her daddy bought it for her, saying that she’ll never outgrow it.  Indeed, it came down to her knees. The girl tucked her pigtails inside the shirt’s big collar and they went off to breakfast, where the waitress mistaken her for a boy making them laugh.

Now, riding in the car towards the hills, they are still laughing, remembering the day Liz got the oversized shirt. As they arrive at their destination, and walk through the forest, Liz confesses that she is a little scared. She’s reluctant to admit but the whole hunting experience makes her uneasy. Even when her dad shares some of his war moments, admitting he was afraid too at times, Liz still wishes they wouldn’t have to shoot the crows even if they eat the crop.

Liz pulls out her call crow whistle and gives it a shy blow. She looks up and there they are, three birds circling above the tree tops. She gives it another blow, and more birds are gathering, then another blow and so on, until she gains full confidence. The ski is now full of crows, they come from the tree branches, screaming loud with their harsh voices. Liz is watching her father, who was supposed to hunt the birds but he doesn’t pull out his gun. Liz is happy and grateful. At last, she does one more call and taking her daddy’s hand, they both leave.

This book is a little longer than your average storybook, little children may not last till the end of it. But, it has a rich vocabulary that gives the kids the possibility of get accustom with more sophisticated words then just the simple ones in majority of other storybooks.

Lois Lowry is a two-time winner of the Newberry Medal for her young adult books Number the Stars and The Giver. Crow Call is her first picture book, inspire by her childhood.

Characters: Liz, a girl with a plaid rainbow shirt, about 7 or eight, her father that had just returned from war, a waitress

Illustration: Bagram Ibatoulline is the illustrator of this book. The artwork is realistic, with likeable, life- like characters. and scenes that fill the pages of the book. The illustrator uses gray, brown and black colors, with a splash of fainted yellow, tones that are specific for the autumn season. Ibatoulline is a famous illustrator who does a wonderful job on this book. Watch for the small details that are scattered through the pages. Also, that pagination is exceptional, easy to read and follow along.

Recommended Age: 5-8 years

Reading Time: 14 minutes

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