Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

Chicken Little by Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

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Chicken Little

By Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley

Storyline: We all know the story of Chicken Little…how a chick thought that it got hit by a piece of falling sky and, gathering a crowd of creature on its way, runs to tell the news to the king. The story is so popular (and funny) that many children’s book authors wrote and illustrated their own version of Chicken Little. So is the case with this book, which is Rebecca Emberley and Ed Emberley version of the narrative.

And as the story goes, Chicken Little, after being hit in the head by a falling acorn, decides to run for his life, protecting himself under a blue umbrella against the falling sky. On his run, with no plan, he bumps into other characters: Henny Penny, Lucky Ducky, Loosey Goosey, Turkey Lurky and, finally, Foxy Loxy. But the fox, seeing such a fat crowd of birds, decided to eat them (maybe thinking to have one more meal before the big catastrophe). And using a deceiving voice and choice of words, the animal invited them to rest in a “warm, dark cave where the sky cannot fall on you”, aka the fox’s mouth. At once, the birds stepped in, unaware of the place and the danger they were in. The fox closed its mouth and that would have been the end for the five birds if not for a trivial thing that happens to all of us from time to time. Out of the blue (or maybe because the feathery squeamish – the true reason is up to speculation) the fox sneezes, expelling all the trapped birds. The story goes to tell you that not all the crowds are worth following ….

Characters: Chicken Little, Henny Penny, Lucky Ducky, Loosey Goosey, Turkey Lurky, Foxy Loxy

Illustration: Ed Emberley and Rebecca Emberley, father and daughter, are the illustrators of this book. The story is done in the distinctive Emberley style, big figures, bold and strong colors, unique technique that makes the illustration appear as cut out of colored paper. Page after page Chicken Little and its followers appear to jump at us, telling us their story.

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