Bun Bun Button by Patricia Polacco

Bun Bun Button by Patricia Polacco
Bun Bun Button by Patricia Polacco

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Bun Bun Button

By Patricia Polacco

Storyline: Darlings are the blessed kind. According to Grandma Darling, the Old Blue Chair that sat in the living room was a love soaker (we, on more everyday language, would call it a love chair): everybody that sat in it was touched by love and luck. And, as we can see from the first page of the book, there sat cats, dogs, Grandma Darling herself and her granddaughter, Paige Elizabeth Darling, who was visiting from time to time after school.

One day, Paige noticed that every pet in the house had its own custom made toy, handmade by Grandma. The only one left out was Paige herself. She asked grandma to make something for her to hold when sitting in the Old Blue Chair. After one night of work, Grandma created a yellow stuffed bunny with a little pocket on one ear, for Paige to cuddle at night. Paige named it Bun Bun Button and loved it so much that they were always together.

On a nice sunny day, Paige tided Bun Bun Button to a balloon so he could fly a little. But the string, that was tied around her wrist, got loose and the balloon flew up taking Bun Bun with it. Paige cried and cried but Grandma reminded her that, after all, they are the lucky kind and Bun Bun would be ok.  In the meantime, the stuffed bunny attached to the balloon traveled up to the clouds, through the wind and rain rain, and closer to the stars until the string got tangled in the foot of a goose, who carried him. When the string snapped, Bun Bun then fell on the wing of a seagull who dropped him by a willow tree, where a squirrel found him and carried him to Grandma Darling’s feet. Just like magic! Grandma took it, mend it and set it on Paige pillow, where she found it at night. Extremely happy, Paige was reminded that it could be love that keeps them all together, despite the any unfortunate events that may come.

Characters: Paige Elizabeth Darling, Grandma Darling, Bun Bun Button stuffed bunny, cats and dogs, goose, seagull, squirrel,

Illustration: A prolific author and illustrator of children books, Patricia Polacco’s style is unique. Besides other great features, some of which are technical, Polacco’s illustration have a distinct “feel” we can find it across all her books: the joy that the characters are emanating from the page. And to explain: her characters, people or animals, are smiling, hugging, laughing, being happy, you can almost feel these feelings as you turn page after page and read the story. This and the vivid but warm colors she uses, paired with a rich imagination, makes the book (all her books) so lovely.

Recommended Age: 5 to 8

Reading Rime: 9 to 10 minutes

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