Blackout by John Rocco

Blackout by John Rocco
Blackout by John Rocco

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By John Rocco

Storyline: It was a normal evening in a normal loud and busy city. Inside their apartments, people were doing their normal things. Our story’s family was no different. Dad was cooking dinner, mom was working on a computer, an older girl was talking on her phone while a younger one was unsuccessfully trying to get someone’s attention. And as they were going about this mundane businesses, suddenly the lights went out. It was a blackout.  Inside, everybody stopped for a second in shock. The little girl got scarred and cried for her mom.  They all gathered around the kitchen table. They lit up candles and made light puppets on the wall, they played games but as it became hot and sticky they ended up on the roof, and from there back down on the streets. There where people everywhere. Some were playing games, others were singing, and the ice cream lady was giving up free ice cream. It was like a neighborhood party. A block party.   Everyone seems to be happy.  Suddenly the lights came on and people went back inside. The members of our family too resumed their previous activities. But not for long. Having had so how much fun together they decided to voluntary turn off all the lights in the house and have … more fun.

Characters: Dad, Mom, Girls, Cat

Illustration: John Rocco is the illustrator of this book. He had chosen shades of blue, black and green to make the blackout. His depictions fill the pages and the drawings are big and bold. But every page has a bright spot which is the light of a candle, or flashlight, or the street lamps. His illustration perfectly fills the blank spaces of the written story.

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