Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett

annie and the wild animalstoday’s children storybook is

Annie and the Wild Animals

by Jan Brett

Story line:It is winter. big snows have fallen for days. Annie is a young girl with blond hair, with blue, grayish eyes. She has a yellow, marmalade cat, named Taffy, that just started behaving strange: sleeping and eating more then usual, and hiding in strange places. One day the cat disappeared. Annie feels sad and lonely. She set up to find a new friend.

So she starts making corn cakes and place them at the edge of the woods. The corn cakes attracts animals. First a moose comes and eats the corn cake. But Annie thinks he is too big. Then a wildcat comes but she finds it to wild to tame. Next, a bear eats her corn cake but the bear seems too grumpy.

Annie keeps making corn cakes hoping that one day a nice animal will come, but the edge of the woods fills up with wild animals. When she finished the cornmeal, the spring suddenly came. The wild animals, that were roaming around her house, disappeared into the woods. But out of the woods came a cat and three soft kittens. It was Taffy and her babies.

Characters: Annie, Taffy, wild animals

Illustration: Jan Brett is also the illustrator. The drawings are realistic and details, with vibrant colors. The motifs sometimes resembles the folk motifs you find in Russia. As usual with Jan Brett, the pages of the books are framed with with extra illustration depicting and complementing the characters or animals in the narration.

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